The New Main

IMG_2365Yesterday Kish and I walked over to check out the refurbished Main Library branch of the Columbus Public Library system.  It reopened recently after being closed for about a year for renovations.

The renovations focused on the interior and rear of the building, where the second and third floors now feature two-story floor-to-ceiling windows that look out over the Topiary Gardens Park behind the library.  The huge windows give the interior a much more airy and bright feel, and the library has maintained that feel by providing lots of seating areas, open spaces within the interior of the building, and less cluttered shelving.  As you walk through the building — and yesterday there was lots of traffic — you can’t help but be impressed by the spaciousness.

IMG_2370The renovations also included some landscaping of the front lawn leading up to the familiar facade of the original Carnegie library building, as well as adding some green space and a patio area between the rear of the building and the Topiary Gardens.  On a sunny day like yesterday, the towering windows and new green spaces made the library seem more integrated with its surroundings than ever before.

I think the new Main looks great, and I’m happy that it has reopened.  For all of the sleek changes to the interior and exterior, Main also has a great selection of books — one that is much larger than that available at the Parsons branch that we have been using.  Yesterday we picked up a few books after some browsing, which is one of the things I like to do at a library.  I’m glad Main is back in the rotation.



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