Random Everyday Weirdness

IMG_1265Recently I was walking past one of those planters you see on the sidewalks in urban areas.  You know what I mean — the large concrete boxes where generic plants can be found that might look good for a week or so, but then wither after not being regularly watered, with the planters often ending up as repositories for cigarette butts.  They’re supposed to make the surroundings look better, but normally you pass them by without a second glance.

This planter, though, featured a naked doll figure that had been carefully buried thigh-deep in the dirt.  The doll seemed to be making an intentional, kind of stick-it gesture to the world.  As I walked by, I wondered:  is the doll in fact supposed to be conveying some kind of message?  What’s the back story here?

Such random, everyday weirdness helps to make the world a richer place.

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