I Suck At “Selfies”

IMG_1527When Kish and I were up at Glacier National Park, we took a boat ride with some young people who spent the entire time ignoring the fabulous scenery we were cruising past, and taking “selfies” of themselves instead.

I groaned at their lack of appreciation for the abundant natural beauty surrounding us, but they did look like they were having a lot of fun.  Intrigued, I decided to try to take my first selfie — and I realized the framing, distance, etc. that are crucial parts of the selfie experience are not exactly easy to master.  My effort at a selfie, above, was a dismal failure . . . although it does communicate a certain pathetic ineptitude with modern technology that is easily mastered by an eight-year-old.

Then I realized that I not only suck at selfies, I have no desire to look at a selfie with me in the picture.  If I want to gaze at that grizzled mug, a mirror will do just fine.

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