Erie Setting

We’re up on Lake Erie today for a family reunion of sorts.  We’re staying in a cottage complex on the lakeside.  Today is a bright but windy day, where the breeze has whipped the lake in frothing waves.

The Lake Erie shoreline is interesting and a bit more egalitarian than you would find by many large bodies of water.  It’s not the exclusive domain of wealthy people in McMansions.  There are lots of of small cottage complexes like this one, where the average folks can rent a small cottage — and some of the ones here, like those below, are pretty tiny — and enjoy the waterfront for a few days.

2 thoughts on “Erie Setting

  1. Hey Bob, Kathy and I are at PIB with my son Ryan and his family till Monday morning. If you’re coming to PIB today or tomorrow, we’d love to have you and your extended family stop by.


    • Chris, thanks for the invite, but we’ve got family events this weekend. We’re looking forward to seeing you and Kathy in two weeks!


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