Jack Riley

Jack Riley died this week.  His name might not be familiar, but he played the memorable character Carlin — one of Bob’s patients — on The Bob Newhart Show.  Riley was famous for his venomous deadpan delivery, which made virtually every line he uttered a funny moment.  In the clip above — which is actually from the later show Newhart — Riley riffs on his earlier character.

TV shows normally have obvious stars, but what typically separates the great shows from the less-than-great is the ancillary characters that can develop and blossom — characters like Larry, Darrell, and Darrell on Newhart, or Cliff Clavin on Cheers, or Newman on Seinfeld.  Carlin was one of those characters.


A Put-In-Bay Sunrise

Another glorious dawn on Ohio’s north coast, where the sun shines equally on the bachelorette partygoers, the boaters, the creepy old guys on the prowl, the miscreants, the card players, and the groaning unfortunates who now regret trying the drink special at Hooligan’s bar.