Minding Abe’s Sign

I stopped at the Lincoln Memorial,  my favorite national monument, on my visit to the National Mall early this morning.  It never fails to inspire me, and I stop there whenever I can for a few minutes of silent, awed contemplation of our greatest President.

This morning I was struck by the message on the sign placed near the Lincoln statue.  It’s probably unnecessary — I’ve never heard anything but hushed whispers in my prior visits — but I appreciated it nevertheless. 

Don’t you wish people took heed of the sign as they talked about, say, the 2016 presidential campaign?

On The National Mall With The Joggers

I got up early this morning to walk down to the National Mall.  It’s a favorite place for me, ever since Kish and I lived in Washington, D.C. 35 years ago.  It’s also a favorite spot for joggers.  Why not?  It’s long, and flat, with lots of interesting things to occupy your attention as you trudge along.  And dawn is a good time to visit, too– especially on a day where the high temperature is forecast to hit 96 degrees.

Dining Alone

If you travel on business, there will be plenty of times when you dine alone.  It’s part of the job.   Every hardened traveler has to come up with his or her own way of dealing with that reality.

Some people hate going to restaurants alone.   They’ll get room service rather that sit at a table where people can see that they’re flying solo.  Not me!  I like to get out, and really look for opportunities to be part of the madding crowd.  So I’ll ask the hotel receptionist for a recommendation for a nearby restaurant, and when I get there I’ll ask the waiter to recommend a dish or two.  I’ll take my book and sit at the bar or a small table in the cocktail lounge, feel the bustle around me, and happily read as I am forking down my food.

I’d rather have company, of course, but dining alone beats sitting in a generic hotel room any day.