The Marathon Comes To GV

They’re running the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon this morning.  The course runs down Third Street and the jogs around Schiller Park.  As I can back from my morning walk, the leaders, pictured above, came running past at an amazingly fast clip.

Each mile of the marathon seems to be dedicated to a different patient at the hospital.  We’re located close to Jessica’s mile, at marker 10.  As I write this from my back porch, I can hear loud rock music and the whoops and hollers of supporters as the marathoners stream past.

The Marathon is something of a hassle, because our primary roads are blocked off for much of the day.  But it’s a good cause, and it brings out lots of volunteers and community spirit.  I guess we can put up with the road closures and war-splitting broadcasts of Jump Around to our quiet neighborhood once a year.