Return From The Road

Last night I got home from a long road trip for work.  I was gone for the whole work week, had to change hotels, touched down in three different airports along the way, and ate my meals exclusively in office cafeterias, airport lounges, and restaurants I’ll probably never visit again.

I know this kind of travel is the norm for many people, but I don’t see how they do it.  The transient lifestyle really wears me down.  I don’t get my exercise, and I don’t sleep very well, either.  My normal circadian rhythms are thrown totally out of whack, and fatigue accumulates like a heavy snow falling on a rooftop.

By the end of the week, as I don my last clean clothes, I see that every other shirt and garment in my suitcase appears to be permanently wrinkled.  My eyes feel dried out, my hands feel bloated somehow, and I’m ready to get home come hell or high water.  As I race through the last airport concourse trying to catch a quick connection I just hope that weather, or mechanical difficulties, or air traffic control don’t stop the homeward momentum.  I’m ready to get a kiss and hug from Kish and a happy tail wag from Kasey.

I never sleep so soundly as I do when I return home after a long business trip.

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