Candle Scents

For those, like me, who are challenged in the olfactory department, scented candles can be baffling.

Consider the candle currently flickering in our kitchen.  It’s called “Snuggly Sweater.”  Does that mean it’s supposed to smell like a snuggly sweater?  Because, to me, it just smells like a burning candle.

What is a “snuggly sweater” supposed to smell like, anyway? Last time I checked, “snuggly” referred to a tactile feeling, not an odor.  Is “snuggly sweater” supposed to smell different than “scratchy sweater” or “bulky sweater” or “too hot sweater”?

It seems pretty clear that scented candlemakers are just coming up with aspirational lifestyle names, rather than meaningful smells.  Therefore, keep an eye out for “warm hug,” “blazing hearth,” “leather patches,” and “fat wallet” coming soon to a candle shop near you.

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