Narcissus’ Bathroom

The Courthouse Inn restaurant in Lisbon, Ohio has a pretty unusual men’s room.  Every square inch, from toilet to lid to walls, is covered in some brightly polished reflective material.

If you want to see yourself from every angle, this is the bathroom for you.  If you’d rather not, you’ll just need to count the seconds until you get the hell out of there.

It may or may not be coincidence, but I should note that the restaurant serves an exclusively vegetarian menu.

1 thought on “Narcissus’ Bathroom

  1. True also for the women! Beautifully done from the redone Hamilton Drug Store, a classic beauty in it’s own right! This is worth a trip to experience the whole deal! True about vegetarian, which may hurt from the group of folks who say, “No meat? I won’t go there!”!
    Ok, be that way and miss this opportunity!

    Thanks for sending


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