In Lobster Land

Psst!  I’ll let you in on a well-kept secret:  Maine has really excellent fresh lobster, in abundance.

No, seriously!  It does!  And I have enjoyed it at just about every meal.  I’ve had lobster and eggs for breakfast.  I’ve had a lobster roll — lobster meat on a split-top hot dog bun — for lunch.  (The Fish Net in Blue Hill makes the best one.). I’ve had baked lobster, boiled lobster, and steamed lobster.  I’ve bought live lobsters directly from a lobsterman.  I’ve eaten lobster on a beach where we’ve recycled the remains to the denizens of the deep.  And, for my first boiled lobster of the trip, I foolishly failed to bib up and ended up coating my shirt with water and lobster innards with the first crack of the claw.

After so much lobster, I’ve got just one question:  how much lobster do you need to eat to risk a bout of gout?

2 thoughts on “In Lobster Land

  1. Bob, you’re killing me! I love lobster, but Kathy’s allergic to it. BTW, some time ago in a post, you mentioned how much you liked the Harry Bosch books. Well, I bought The Black Echo and really enjoyed it. I’m about 1/4 way through The Black Ice and I think Kathy’s starting to get annoyed with me because I find it hard to put down. I’ve already got The Concrete Blonde and will be reading it next week when we’re staying at a B&B along the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. Thanks for the recommendation!


    • Chris, sorry for provoking a case of lobster envy! I’m glad you are liking the Bosch books — they’re definitely page-turners. Say hey to Kathy for us!


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