Shower Power


We’ve got a big bridal shower coming up this weekend.  After weeks of careful planning and preparation, guests are starting to arrive in town, table assignments have been finalized, games and supplies have been determined, gaily wrapped gifts — with pink being a popular color — are starting to accumulate, and the big day is almost here.

As a guy who has never attended a bridal shower, and who frankly hopes to keep a clean record on that front, I can’t help but be impressed by the amount of effort that goes into bridal showers.  When I compare the care and attention devoted to making this shower a lovely occasion to the advance arrangements for the male variation — bachelor parties — the contrast is pretty stark.  The only things I remember about my bachelor party is that somebody brought Three Stooges movies that we watched on a home movie projector, as well as a bottle of Yukon Jack and a dusty shot glass that quickly did me in.  I don’t think there was much planning involved — and no pink, either.

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