The Random Restaurant Tour

I’ve worked for 31 years in downtown Columbus, but there are always new places to discover.  Until we moved to German Village, and I started walking to Main Library from the firm to pick up books after work, I had no reason to walk down the section of State Street between 4th and Grant.  But when I did, I discovered a restaurant called Cafe Illyria.  It looks like it’s been there for a while, but I’d never even heard of it.

Yesterday the Jersey Girl and I checked it out.  As the sign indicates, it’s a breakfast and lunch joint, with a pretty extensive set of lunch options.  (It’s also got a dedicated group of regulars, which is a good sign.) I got a gyro — if you go to a place called Cafe Illyria, you’ve obviously got to try the gyro, right? — and fries and a Diet Coke, and it was really quite good.  Reasonably priced, too.  The JG and I agreed that we’ll be back.

The Cafe Illyria experience also made us wonder:  how many other lunch places that we haven’t tried are within reasonable walking distance?  We don’t know, but the JG and I vowed to go to some new places every now and then.  We’ll call it the Random Restaurant Tour.

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