Fake Handwriting

I got this letter in the mail at the office today. There was no return address on the envelope, but I opened it anyway. Since it was handwritten, I thought it might be a thank-you note or something similar.

Nah! It was a business solicitation. But I thought it was a nice gesture for the business to send a handwritten note, anyway.

I happened to bring the note home to show to Kish, and when I did she scrutinized it carefully and said, “That’s not real handwriting.” In her prior job, she explained, they got a lot of fake handwritten letters, and she became at expert at identifying them. And when I looked at it carefully, I could see it was machine-produced, too.

Fake handwriting on business solicitations? Geez, is nothing sacred? Next thing you know, someone will tell me that the people sending me those incessant political fundraising emails addressed to “Dear Friend” don’t really consider me a friend at all.

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