Exploring Deer Isle

Today we stopped at the Island Heritage Trust office. It’s one of those great old-fashioned places that is crammed to the rafters with hiking trail pamphlets, postcards, bird-watching books, maps, binoculars, note cards with island scenes engraved on the front, guidebooks, whale-watching brochures, and every other form of island life accoutrement you can think of. Our purpose in visiting was to find some good hiking trails and information about scenic parts of Deer Isle — of which Stonington is part.

After loading ourselves down with Deer Isle hiking brochures and a really nifty map that cost only $2.64 (with tax) we set out for our first destination — Sandy Beach. I figured this had to be a misnomer, because it’s hard to imagine sand existing on this rock-ribbed, granite-encrusted peninsula. But it does, as the photograph above shows. There’s not a lot of sand, to be sure — but there is real sand. And, of course, there are all kinds of cool, massive granite rock formations along the beach, too.

You can actually swim at Sandy Beach if you choose to. I think I might try it, say, for a nanosecond on the hottest day in August, and then sit on those rocks, bask in the sunshine, enjoy a picnic lunch, and savor a cold beer.

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