Greek Yogurt — Under There Somewhere

I’m down in Cincinnati today, meeting friends for breakfast at the Maplewood. You order at the counter, sit down, and wait for the food to be delivered. I got the Greek yogurt, figuring it would be a nice, light, nourishing choice. This enormous bowl is what I got.

I’m guessing there’s some Greek yogurt somewhere under the blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, seeds, honey, granola, and kiwi fruit. Kiwi fruit? It’s a new take on an old favorite.

The Random Restaurant Tour (VIII)

Gay Street is home to more restaurants per square foot than any other street in downtown Columbus.  Yesterday JV, the Unkempt Guy, the Bus-Riding Conservative and I paid a visit to the newest member of the Gay Street Foodiehood, an Irish/American joint called Pub Mahone that opened only a few months ago. It wasn’t a hard choice on a day where rain was in the offing, because Pub Mahone is only a few steps down the street from our office and we were feeling in a neighborly spirit, besides.

Why do you go to an Irish pub?  (Well, to have an adult beverage or two, of course, but I wasn’t thinking about that because we were there for lunch.)  In part, it’s the atmosphere.  You’re looking for a place that is warm and snug, with dark wood walls, wooden tables, a wooden bar, and as many other wood elements you can reasonably cram into a restaurant space.  Pub Mahone delivers on the ambiance front.  It’s got wood everywhere you look, with the customary pictures and other Irish features, including a mock-up of what appears to be a thatched roof house.  It looks like it would be a great place to gather after work with friends.

The food is pretty good, too.  I went for the American side of the menu and had a double Sibin burger with fries; the rest of the lunch group decided to go Irish.  The UG and the BRC had the Boxty Mahone, which our fun and feisty waitress aptly described as a “big pile of food” with cabbage and corned beef on potato cakes, drizzled with Mahone sauce. I noticed that neither the UG or the BRC left anything on their plates.  JV went for the Reuben Mahone, which was enormous and also featured some very tasty-looking corned beef.  In fact, the corned beef looked so good it made me briefly second-guess my burger choice, but after a few bites of the double Sibin I realized I also had made a wise decision.

With Pub Mahone, we’re really starting to cover the food option bases on Gay Street.  What’s next?  The lunch crew is ready for just about anything.