The Random Restaurant Tour (VIII)

Gay Street is home to more restaurants per square foot than any other street in downtown Columbus.  Yesterday JV, the Unkempt Guy, the Bus-Riding Conservative and I paid a visit to the newest member of the Gay Street Foodiehood, an Irish/American joint called Pub Mahone that opened only a few months ago. It wasn’t a hard choice on a day where rain was in the offing, because Pub Mahone is only a few steps down the street from our office and we were feeling in a neighborly spirit, besides.

Why do you go to an Irish pub?  (Well, to have an adult beverage or two, of course, but I wasn’t thinking about that because we were there for lunch.)  In part, it’s the atmosphere.  You’re looking for a place that is warm and snug, with dark wood walls, wooden tables, a wooden bar, and as many other wood elements you can reasonably cram into a restaurant space.  Pub Mahone delivers on the ambiance front.  It’s got wood everywhere you look, with the customary pictures and other Irish features, including a mock-up of what appears to be a thatched roof house.  It looks like it would be a great place to gather after work with friends.

The food is pretty good, too.  I went for the American side of the menu and had a double Sibin burger with fries; the rest of the lunch group decided to go Irish.  The UG and the BRC had the Boxty Mahone, which our fun and feisty waitress aptly described as a “big pile of food” with cabbage and corned beef on potato cakes, drizzled with Mahone sauce. I noticed that neither the UG or the BRC left anything on their plates.  JV went for the Reuben Mahone, which was enormous and also featured some very tasty-looking corned beef.  In fact, the corned beef looked so good it made me briefly second-guess my burger choice, but after a few bites of the double Sibin I realized I also had made a wise decision.

With Pub Mahone, we’re really starting to cover the food option bases on Gay Street.  What’s next?  The lunch crew is ready for just about anything.

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