In The Brain Freeze Zone

We’re on a long layover in Philadelphia on our way back home. Long layovers suck, but they do have the tiny benefit of allowing you time to do things like visit Pinkberry, which can’t be found in Columbus.

Be careful, though — tucking in too aggressively might result in a bad case of brain freeze. Fortunately, I sensed that I was on the verge and put down the spoon before I was in the grip of a full-fledged attack. Of course, some might argue that gutting out an episode of brain freeze would at least help pass the time during the long layover.

A Lobsterman’s Work Is Never Done

All over coastal Maine, the lobstermen are hard at work. Even though it’s the de facto off-season, when lobsters are inactive and the fishing is at a lull, there are boats to be examined and rekitted, motors to be tuned, and traps to be cleaned and tested. The smell of paint is in the air.

Our lobsterman neighbor worked all day yesterday on his gear, getting ready for the day when the boat goes back into the water and the traps and their identification buoys are placed in the old, familiar spots. The life of a lobsterman is not an easy one.