Another Angry Obit

It must be a kind of trend, but today I saw another news article about an angry obituary.  I wrote several years ago about an amazingly blunt, soul-venting obituary that one of her eight children wrote about their mother, and I never thought I’d see another one like it.  But I was wrong.

kathleen20dehmlowThis latest unforgiving obituary is also written about a mother, from the perspective of her children.  The obit notes that the woman got married in 1957, had two children named Gina and Jay, and then in 1962 “became pregnant by her husband’s brother,” moved to California, and “abandoned her children.”  The obit says that, after her death, the woman “will now face judgement” and concludes:  “She will not be missed by Gina and Jay, and they understand that this world is a better place without her.”

That’s a pretty harsh thing to say about even a cruel stranger, much less your own mother.  Who knows, perhaps she deserved it — but it would be nice to think that the children could rise above their anger and bitterness, after 55 years, and show some of the grace and decency that they obviously think their mother lacked.

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