Out On The Harbor

We took a great boat ride today among the islands in and around Stonington Harbor. As we cruised along, we enjoyed watching this majestic sailing ship, its sails full with a fine breeze, navigate the waters. It made for a beautiful scene on a beautiful day.


Hippie Trippie

It’s not often you see a vintage VW minibus these days. I always associate them with the hippies of the late ’60s, when the little VW buses — chronically underpowered and always limping up hills — were covered with painted psychedelic designs, peace symbol stickers, and other forms of folk art.

This bus didn’t have psychedelic designs — although that minty green color is pretty cool — but it did have virtually ever square inch of bumper and top covered with stickers.

If the stickers are any indication, the owner of this nifty rig is not a Trump supporter.