Crucial Warnings

For those of you unfortunates who are out shopping on this Black Friday, a reminder to pay careful attention to the warnings on the shopping cart seat. Kids can fall out of shopping carts, you know. If you’re shopping with a young child, be sure to buckle her in securely. Oh, and don’t leave the child alone in the cart while you trot off to pick up the latest blue light special.

I don’t remember there being such warnings on the shopping cart seat when Richard and Russell were little, but apparently retailers now think parents need to be reminded not to abandon toddlers who are sitting in shopping carts. I’m a bit surprised, therefore, that other similarly obvious warnings aren’t also imprinted on the seat. Like, “don’t engage in shopping cart demolition derby with other shoppers.” Or, “don’t let your child stand up and dance on the plastic seat while the cart is in motion.” Or, “don’t place that set of razor-sharp ginzu knives in the seat area within easy reach of your child.”

You’d think these warnings would be unnecessary, but perhaps for people who are willing to risk shopping on Black Friday with a youngster a little reminder about the basics can’t hurt.

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