A Random Assortment

Few aspects of our household are as random as the coffee cup cabinet.  It includes a painted beagle cup that was a present from a friend, “B” and “K” cups that we got at Target, two southwestern motif cups that we received on our recent trip to Arizona and New Mexico, a white cup that we’ve probably had for 20 years, a set of other white cups that we purchased when it looked like we were running low, and a blue striped cup that seemed to mysteriously appear in the cupboard one day.

We’d be hard pressed to serve coffee at a formal dinner party for eight — which is probably part of the reason we don’t host formal dinner parties.  The motley assortment does give us some freedom of choice in selecting the coffee delivery device best suited to our mood and needs on any given day.  Let’s see — do I feel like looking at a painted dog today, or perhaps I should go with the interesting black and white Native American mug with the wide base, or would the blue striped cup of doubtful provenance with the smallest volume capacity be best?

I’m guessing that we’re not alone in having a riotous collection of mismatched coffee cups in our household.  You buy coffee cups as part of your dinnerware in a matched set, but they tend to chip and break over time.  In the meantime, coffee cups are a common gift item from vendors and friends and get added to the collection.  Before you know it, you’ve got a complete grab bag going.

The only thing that is more random than our coffee cup collection is the assortment of pens we’ve got in jars — and yes, in other solo coffee cups — here and there, many of which don’t work.  At least the irregular collection of coffee cups all are capable of performing their intended function.

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