Scooter Wars

There’s a new scooter in town. Now “Spin” has joined “Bird” and “Lime-S” in providing the cool contingent of Columbus with a short-distance travel option that allows them to zip around town while striking chill poses that typically feature bored expressions.

The fact that a third scooter company is muscling in on the territory of two other competitors tells you that Columbus has a significant appetite for scooter travel. As a non-scooter rider, however, I wonder what the basis for the competition is. The scooters all look pretty much the same, so is it price? Or do scooter riders have the apps for all scooter options in their town and simply grab whatever happens to be nearby when they feel the itch to scoot — which would suggest there’s room for still more companies to come into the market until the sidewalks of Columbus are saturated with scooters.

As a pedestrian who has already gotten used to dodging scooters and walking around scooters coolly left wherever their diffident riders feel like it, I’m not exactly looking forward to that.

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