Anticipatory Improvements

I flew through New York’s LaGuardia Airport recently, and these signs are everywhere. The Port Authority, which operates LaGuardia, obviously wants appalled travelers to know that it also recognizes that the airport is an embarrassment for such a major city. Of course, the signs leaves unanswered the key question: namely, how did the Port Authority let LaGuardia sink to such a state in the first place?

I’m not sure that touting anticipatory improvements is a good approach. To me, the signs and their slick representation of the supposed LaGuardia to be are a pointed reminder of just how crappy some of the bleak and overcrowded existing concourses are.

Birdbath Cup

How big should a restaurant coffee cup be? This cup from a restaurant in Boise was enormous– big enough to serve as a birdbath. Who needs — or wants — that much coffee?

Fortunately, I was drinking decaf that night. If it had been regular coffee, I’d still be awake 36 hours later.