Lobster And Cocktails

There are worse ways to spend a Sunday night than with some fresh lobster and a cold cocktail. Then again, you could say the same thing with respect to every other night of the week. Or for that matter, with respect to beer, wine, or a glass of lukewarm water.

Fresh lobster goes pretty well with everything, now that I think of it.

Needy And Weedy

Weeds are needy things, when you think about it.  They pretty much demand your attention, and if they don’t get it they grow even more.

Turn your back on them for a few weeks, and suddenly they’re so enormous and intrusive and ugly that you just can’t reasonably ignore them any more and you have to do something about it.

But therein lies the real problem for those needy weeds.  Because they can’t help but but call attention to themselves with their ever-growing, obvious, sprawling unsightliness, eventually they’ll provoke the lazy but self-respecting homeowner into significant action.  And that action is not good for the weeds, long-term.

I’m going to attend to the monstrous, needy weeds shown above today.  They want attention?  They got it!  And they’re not going to like it.  But in deference to these attention-craving weeds, I might just give them a polite round of applause after I dig them out, roots and all.