Avoiding Temptation

When you’re on the no-carb/low-carb diet, avoiding temptation is a key part of the process.  In my case, that means plates that involve no french fries or bread, because if a french fry touches my plate, the temptation to sneak one or two (or 30) of them is irresistible.

I find that requesting “salad” or “greens” in lieu of french fries is a very effective temptation avoidance technique, because most salads are enormously unappetizing.  Consider the plate above, which was served to me when I ordered a cheeseburger and asked for salad as a substitute.  The salad was a colossal lump that appeared to consist of every vegetable remaining in the bottom of the vegetable bin, covered with some kind of mayonnaise-based dressing that seemed to bind every diverse vegetable together.  It looked like it landed on the plate with a wet, disgusting thwack.

I wasn’t tempted to eat any of it, so my technique worked.