Strong Combination

I admit it — sometimes I buy products on name alone.  It sounds shallow, but some names are just so evocative and intriguing that I’ve got to tip my cap to the company that came up with the moniker and buy their goods in acknowledgement.

So, when I ran across the Cushnoc Brewing Company Lawyer Up Coffee Porter at the beer cooler of the local grocer, I had to give it a shot.  A porter that combines coffee and lawyers?  That’s got to be a pretty darned strong brew!

In fact, now that I’ve bought the Lawyer Up, I’m a little intimidated to even try it.  What’s the right time to sip a beer that sounds the heady notes of coffee and counselors?  Probably not late at night, because this beer clearly packs a wallop and might keep you up, besides.  Noon, when your system maybe best suited to withstanding a coffee and legal advice jolt?  Cocktail hour, when your system might need the kind of kick that only a lawyer and a cup of coffee can bring?

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