Gabriel’s Oboe

Our daughter-in-law, Julianne, was the featured soloist on this performance of Gabriel’s Oboe with the Austin Youth Orchestra on October 20.  I’ve never heard that piece of music before, but it is beautiful — and very beautifully played in this performance.  If you’ve never heard the piece, or even if you have, this version is well worth a click and a listen.

Congratulations, Julianne, for your talent and your hard work!  You deserved that standing ovation!

Pie De Resistance

In French, the piece de resistance is the most important or exceptional feature of something. At the Harbor Cafe in Stonington, Maine, it’s really the pie de resistance — because no meal is complete without a piece of homemade pie for dessert. Our favorite is the coconut cream pie, which is light as a feather and filled with crunchy coconut. It’s the perfect end to dinner.