Concerto For Oboe In C Major

My post about Julianne’s performance of Gabriel’s Oboe got an incredibly strong positive reaction, and several readers have asked if there are other available videos of her artistry.  Yesterday another portion of her recent performance with the Austin Youth Orchestra was posted on YouTube.  This video shows Julianne and the AYO performing  Antonio Vivaldi’s Concerto for Oboe in C Major.  It’s another terrific and impressive performance by Julianne.  This time, she tackles a longer, classic piece by one of the great baroque composers that features the kind of intricate structure that is typically found in baroque music.  It’s another beautiful piece of work by Julianne and the AYO, who obviously enjoy performing together.

It’s nice to know that oboe performances have struck a chord — pun intended — with Webner House readers!

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