Feel-Good Flowerpot

In Columbus, our mysterious messenger continues to distribute upbeat thoughts here and there in the downtown area. I noticed this pendant of purple positivity in one of the large concrete flowerpots in front of Mitchell’s Steakhouse as I was navigating through the flowerpots and pedestrian traffic on my way home this week.

What’s really going on here, with all of these uplifting messages?  Are we talking about one devotee of Norman Vincent Peale, or are we in a cascade effect where other people have caught the bug and decided to post some happy thoughts around town?  And why have they decided that Columbus should be the target for these relentless positive messages — as opposed to, say, Washington, D.C.?

Can a brightly colored stone with an inspirational thought in a downtown flowerpot make a difference?  Beats me!  But it can’t hurt, and it’s nice to know that somebody out there cares enough about the rest of us to make the attempt.

2 thoughts on “Feel-Good Flowerpot

  1. The rocks are all about The Kindness Project or Kindness Rocks. We all painted them and placed them around our newly dedicated Buddy Bench at my elementary school. I have one on my kitchen window sill that I picked up a few years ago in a little triangle-patch of garden outside of The Drexel in Bexley. We are all just one rock away from a random act of kindness and I like that a lot. My happiness is directly related to your kindness. Forgive typos!
    From Martha’s Mom


    • Thank you, Jane! And it looks like someone has moved this particular rock from the flowerpot in front of Mitchell’s — hopefully to a place where it can be noticed and appreciated by someone else.


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