The Random Restaurant Tour — XXXVIII

Sometimes you can find a pretty good place to eat where you might least expect it.  Yesterday, with all bars and restaurants in Ohio temporarily closed due to the coronavirus outbreak, I put that prospect to the test and tried a place called the Webner Family Kitchen.

The WFK is a no-frills place that makes no pretense of offering haute cuisine.  It follows a serve-yourself approach, and there’s only one item on the menu.  In short, it’s a take-it-or-leave it proposition.  Yesterday, the lone item on the menu was a dish called “all-in stew” prepared in a small crock pot.  You grab a bowl, dish out some stew, and pair it with a freshly baked Pillsbury buttermilk biscuit.  Drinks are serve yourself, too.  I opted for some water with ice and a lemon slice.

The all-in stew didn’t look like much, but it was quite good, very hearty, and piping hot, to boot.  The stew featured beans, spinach, onion, chicken, sausage, and some quinoa, oddly, thrown in for good measure.  It was a pretty random assortment of ingredients, but they worked well together, and the stew sauce was great.  In fact, it was so good that I had a second helping, and it was just as good as the first.  I scraped the bowl clean both times.

The Webner Family Kitchen didn’t look like much, frankly, but my visit for dinner last night exceeded my expectations.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be eating there again.  

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