Until The Cupboard Is Bare

The White House coronavirus response coordinator, the impressive Dr. Deborah Birx, is advising that it’s especially important for Americans not to go out to the grocery store or the pharmacy this week and next — unless its absolutely essential.  That’s because the COVID-19 arc is supposed to peak during that time.

At our house, we’re taking this instruction very seriously.  We want to do our part in the collective national battle against the coronavirus.  COVID-19 has had a huge impact on people’s lives, and jobs, and we are eager to do whatever we can to bring it to an end at the earliest possible date.  Really, it’s the least that those of us who, thankfully, aren’t infected can do to help in the fight and to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.  And I admit there’s also a healthy sense of self-preservation involved.  Why run the risk — even if it ultimately turns out to be only a modest one — that a random encounter in the produce aisle on a grocery run that you really didn’t need to make transmits the disease, and you then bring it into your home?  And if fewer of us go to the grocery store, that allows those people who absolutely must be there, for whatever reason, to maintain better social distancing — and also will help to keep the grocery store clerks and checkout people who are doing such important work during this period safe and healthy, too.

So we’re going to eat what we’ve got, until the cupboard and refrigerator are bare.  That means eating every last can of soup, the brown rice that you bought because it’s supposed to be healthier before you discovered its pretty much tasteless, the ramen noodles, the can of stewed tomatoes, the oatmeal and the grits, and every other item of foodstuff odds and ends that you’ve accumulated.  We’re in “waste not, want not” mode, and we hope other people are taking the instruction seriously, too.

So this week, we’ve got Campbell’s bean with bacon on the menu, and we’ll figure out how to make something involving the brown rice, too.  And when our cupboards are bare and this all is over — and it will be — we’re all going to go on the greatest grocery store run in the history of mankind.

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