What Day Is It, Anyway?

One of the more surreal aspects of working from home every day is that it’s easy to lose track of what day of the week it is.  When there are no in-person meetings, no lunches, and no travel, every day seems pretty much the same — and Tuesday is a lot like Thursday.

Fortunately, in German Village we’ve got a simple way to tell the day of the week — our refuse cans.  They serve a function akin to a runic calendar, where the positioning of items is the key indicator.  You know it’s a  Monday when the blue cans, for recyclables, are hauled out and positioned to be moved to the curb for pick-up, and you know it’s Tuesday when they’re put out on the edge of the sidewalk.  By Tuesday afternoon, the blue cans are scattered and empty, and by Tuesday night they’ve been moved back and the green cans for regular garbage have been moved to the on-deck position.  On Wednesday mornings the green cans have taken their places curbside, and by Wednesday night they’re empty and strewn willy-nilly along the sidewalk.  By Thursday morning — we hope and expect, at least — all of the cans, of whatever color, have been returned to their standard positions.  That’s how I knew that it was Thursday when I went for my walk this morning.

Thank goodness that trash collection is considered an essential service!  Otherwise, I might really have to think hard to determine the day of the week.

There’s no trash can indicator for Friday, by the way — but no rational person needs a clue about Friday, anyway.  If you’be been working as long as I have, you’ve got an instinctive, infallible inner clock that tells you that the work week has ended and the weekend is here.  And no stupid pandemic is going to interfere with that!

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