When It Rains In The Morning

I wore up this morning to the sound of falling rain.  It confused me at first, because the sky to the east was bright with the first signs of a sunrise.  But rain clouds had lumbered in from the west, the rain was starting, and I was hearing that familiar popping sound that raindrops make when they strike a hard surface — in our case, a wooden deck.

People often complain about the rain, but the complaints really aren’t about rain per se.  We all understand that plants and yards and farmers need rain.  The complaints are more about timing.  No one minds rain that falls overnight when you are sleeping and ends before you get up, so it serves its essential watering function while not disturbing your daily routines at all.  But Mother Nature is rarely so respectful of the puny interests of human beings and normally proceeds heedless of the impact on us.

I prefer my rain in the morning, right when I get up.  Rain around noon  seems like it is penning you up inside, and rain right before nightfall robs you of the sunset sky and seems to bring a premature end to the day.  But rain first thing in the morning has a gentler effect on the daily schedule.  You’re not going outside, yet, so it doesn’t interfere with that.  The sound of the rain is peaceful and relaxing.  If you open up the windows you get that rain-soaked breeze, with its heady scent of freshly washed air, to go with that first cup of coffee.  And in my case this morning’s rain means I don’t have to worry about watering the plants outside today — this persistent rain will give them all the moisture they need for now.

To be sure, I will need to take an umbrella on my morning walk today, and I’ll return a bit damper than when I began.  But that’s a small price to pay for the benefits of a good soak that will move through Stonington before noon and leave time for some afternoon sunshine and a chance to survey the results of a good soak on our plants.  Let it rain!

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