A Visit To The Shack

It’s been years since I’ve had my hair cut by anyone but the Platinum Stylist.  After a disastrous experience getting a hair cut on a Florida vacation several decades ago — when I emerged from the barber shop looking like a patient who’d gotten a bad buzz cut during a stay at a ’50s-era mental institution — I’ve learned that you should just find somebody who cuts your hair well, as the PS does, and stick with them.  So I do.

But the coronavirus affected that approach, as it has affected so many others.  After going three months without a haircut, I just couldn’t take my shagginess anymore.  And in Stonington, getting a hair and beard trim means going to one place — Suzy’s Scissor Shack, housed in a quaint little building on Main Street near the post office.  I walk past it every day on my morning jaunt.

In addition to being a real tongue-twister, Suzy’s Scissor Shack is strictly a one-chair affair, where you are tended to by Suzy herself.  I am happy to report that she did a great job of freeing me from all of those annoying long hairs and returning me to my customary reasonably professional look.  And while I sat we got a chance to chat a bit about everything from Stonington to lobstering to the issues involved with small businesses, like Suzy’s, trying to navigate through the red tape for the PPP loan program.  It was an educational half hour where I feel like a got a glimpse of what it’s like for a person to run a small business in modern times.

It feels very good to have lost the shagginess, thanks to Suzy’s deft clipping.  And now I know that, if I need a haircut up here, I can rest assured that I will be in good hands.

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