Alternative Christmas Trees

It’s been years–decades, in fact–since we’ve had a Christmas tree in our house. With dogs drinking the tree water and knocking over the tree time and again, requiring us to repeatedly clean up broken ornament shards and pine needles, we just decided it was too much of a hassle. But maybe we weren’t looking at the issue with sufficient . . . creativity.

In San Antonio, where Whataburger is the favored local fast food option, one guy ate nothing but Whataburger food for weeks to obtain the cups, stryrofoam containers, fast food wrappers, and french fry boxes needed to turn his little tree into the colorful Whataburger celebration shown above. That’s the Whataburger logo in the top of tree star position, too.

The guy says he could eat (and sometimes does eat) Whataburger for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which you would need to do to collect all of the different tree decorations shown in the photo. The linked article quotes him as saying: “I mean, you can just never go wrong with Whataburger.” And what’s really impressive is that the boxes and containers don’t appear to be grease-stained. He evidently washed out and dried all of the debris to avoid attracting bugs and other vermin.

I’m guessing the Whataburger fan doesn’t have dogs, though. Even a good washing and drying wouldn’t keep our dogs from nosing through and probably destroying fast food boxes and bags.

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