Making It To Another Year

Well, it’s 2022. There’s no point in trying to capture 2021 in a few pithy words; everyone’s years are different depending on what happened in their personal lives. 2021 will have been a year with varying degrees of triumph and tragedy, wins and losses, fun and drudgery–all against the backdrop of COVID-19 and the continuing impact of the pandemic on our daily lives. By the time December 31 rolled around, my guess is that most of us were ready for 2021 to end and to turn the page to what we hope will be a new, and better, chapter.

If you’re a resolution maker, go ahead and make those resolutions to exercise more, eat less, quit smoking, step away from social media obsession, and finally make whatever other fundamental changes to your lives that you think need to be made. Why not? It can’t hurt, and a few weeks or a month of resolution-keeping–which tends to be the standard shelf life for resolutions–is better than nothing. And if you manage to keep those resolutions for the entire year, you can savor a real accomplishment.

If you’re not a resolution maker, appreciate the fact that you made it past another milestone into another year. That wasn’t true for many people. And the past two years haven’t been easy ones, from a big-picture perspective. Maintaining a positive viewpoint and going about our lives without being driven into a fetal position by scary headlines, testing angst, and breathless announcements of new COVID variants is an achievement in and of itself. Congratulations!

On to 2022, folks! May everyone have a happy new year!

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