Snow Shoes

A snowfall makes German Village look pretty and quaint–like being on the inside of a snow globe–but snow can also making navigating the brick sidewalks of our neighborhood into a treacherous exercise. This is especially true in what I call the “sloppy season,” where the snow melts during the day, freezes again overnight, and you are left with walkways that are sheathed in ice and left uneven by the imprints of frozen footsteps.

After we got a few inches of snow at the beginning of this week, I decided to haul out my Oboz hiking shoes to see how they would deal with the snow. I’ve worn them on my morning walks around Schiller Park, when shoveling the sidewalk and our front courtyard and walkway, and on my way to work, and I’m happy to report that they have performed admirably in every respect. They’ve got a great grip on the snow and ice, the thick soles and ankle support are a great help when crossing frozen tire tracks and other ridged and snow-covered terrain, and they are warm too. And by wearing my hiking shoes and carrying my work footwear in a bag, I’m hopefully helping to keep my work shoes in good shape.

We don’t get a lot of snow in Columbus during a typical winter, but it’s nice to know that when the white stuff does come down, I’ve got a good option in the closet.