New Frontiers In Snacking

If you want to gain insight on the important question of where the country is headed on the snacking front, head to an airport and find one of those concourse stores that sell just about anything. You’ll discover floor-to-ceiling racks of snacks. And if you’re like me, you’ll see snacks that are beyond your wildest imagining.

Clearly, chickpeas are hot, and are available in just about any form. The Phoenix airport store has a stand-alone rotating rack of puffed chickpeas, as shown below, as well as dried and salted chickpeas and chickpea chips. Plantain chips have moved from Cuban restaurant plates to the snack rack, and there are various kinds of crisps, pieces, and chips made from a smorgasbord of ingredients. Different kinds of jerky—including fruit jerky—also seems to be popular.

The weirdest snack in the store, shown at the bottom of the photo above, was chicken-flavored protein chips. Chicken-flavored? According to the packaging, the chips are made entirely from “100% natural chicken breast and tapioca starch” and are flavored with “Himalayan pink salt.”

Uh . . . Yum?

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