Night Falls On The C&O Canal

I’ve been in Washington, D.C. for a few days for meetings and a law school reunion party. Last night I walked from my hotel in downtown D.C. over to Sequoia, a restaurant along the Potomac, and then after the party walked back up 30th Street to M Street, in the heart of Georgetown, and then back to downtown. Along the way, I passed the old C&O canal, which runs roughly parallel to the river, and took this picture.

As I walked along, looking for Georgetown landmarks I remembered from when Kish and I lived in D.C. in the early ’80s, I realized that the canal is about the only thing that hasn’t changed. The Columbia Hospital for Women, where Richard was born, has long since been torn down and replaced by condos. The Biograph theatre isn’t there, although the building remains. The Georgetown restaurants and bars we used to frequent are gone, too–and the construction that was occurring as I walked along indicated that still more changes are coming. The quaint Georgetown storefronts that remain have probably had multiple tenants since we left the D.C. area in 1986.

I guess all the changes means that 35-plus years is a long time, because Georgetown specifically, and America generally, just doesn’t stand still. Nevertheless, it was pleasant to take a short stroll down memory lane, and remember some of the names and places we used to enjoy and things we used to do way back when.

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