A New York City Kind Of Information

Sometimes, just living in a place will make you privy to certain kinds of information. If you live in the desert, for example, you are going to accumulate knowledge about how to deal with extreme heat. If you live in a rural or semi-rural area, you might learn about what to do if a raccoon family moves in under your front porch or deer start munching the plants in your backyard. If you live in Columbus, Ohio, on the other hand, you’ll no doubt some to know something about Ohio State football, almost by osmosis.

A recent New York Post article indicates that many New Yorkers have picked up information about how to get rid of the smell of a decomposing human body in their apartment.

The Post article reported on a New York City reddit thread started by a Manhattan apartment dweller who described smelling a foul odor in his building and then learned that it came from a dead body in another unit. He asked for advice on how to get rid of the smell, and fellow New York City residents came through with a surprising amount of very specific odor-beating advice–suggesting that dealing with a dead body smell is more common than you might think. One respondent, for example, advised buying cheap pre-ground coffee and cooking it in a pan on medium-high heat, because “the smell of coffee drives out the smell of corpse.”

Coffee–is there anything it can’t do?

In case you’re interested, or living in Manhattan, other aroma-removal tips involved using baking soda and vinegar, pulverized limestone, and an ozone generator, as well as wearing a mask smeared with Vicks Vap-o-rub.

Hopefully, this is information that most of us outside the Big Apple never have to use.