The Storm From Up North

We decided to take a perverse course in the face of the latest Storm of the Century–we flew into Bangor, Maine yesterday, and then today headed north to Moosehead Lake, a large lake in inland Maine, just as the storm started to pummel the area. The roads were treacherous as we rolled through a “wintry mix” of snow, rain, and hail, but we made it safely thanks to Russell’s deft driving skills. Greenville, a town on the southern shore of the lake, was largely deserted, so that we felt like the lone duck, above, weathering the fowl (get it?) weather on one of the few unfrozen sections of the water. That’s the lake’s steamboat in the background, adding its black, white, and gray to a monochromatic landscape.

Moosehead Lake is one of those resort areas that caters to both summer visitors and winter visitors. I’m not sure that the storm will permit it, but I am hoping that I get to do some hiking and see a moose at some point during our visit. The road signs cautioning about being wary of moose collisions suggest that there are lots of moose around, but even they might be hunkering down in this crappy weather.

3 thoughts on “The Storm From Up North

  1. Good evening Bob. I was born in Massachusetts, but grew up in Cincinnati. We would go back every summer to visit our relatives. When I was 17, we went back and my father took me and three of my brothers up to Baxter State Park in Maine. We camped at Moosehead Lake and hiked up to the end of the Appalachian Trail. I remember being a bit scared walking along a narrow ridge called the Knife’s Edge Thanks for the memory Chris

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