Today we visited Burano one of the islands in the Venetian lagoon – it is considered one of the most colorful communities in the world – by law if you own a house there you must paint it a different color then your neighbors – I love this idea !!!!

Safari Day 1 – Tour Truck and Tour Family

The Encounters Travel Tour shuttle seats twenty four – at the back of the shuttle are large lockers to store our luggage – the sides of the shuttle open up for the crew to whip up our lunches and sometimes dinners as we often stop by the side of the road to eat – we only have nine in our group so we get to spread out – five from Australia – three from the USA and one from the HK – while traveling we all enjoy playing cards specially Uno – what a fun bunch – each seat has two phone chargers too which is AWESOME !!!!

Safari Day 2 – Orange River

Our chalets on the Orange River – the river is responsible for the diamond deposits along the Namibian coast – over millions of years it transported diamonds from the volcanic pipes in South Africa to the sea – from there the currents took them northward and the surf deposited them into the dune fields of Namib – gorgeous sunrise and sunset

Safari Day 5 – Hiking Up Dune 45

There are miles and miles of sand dunes in Namibia – only dune 45 is open to the public for hiking – it is approximately 100 yards high – if you can imagine walking in sand with the wind whipping around you at a pretty good clip it is quite an accomplishment to reach the top – the first photo is at the bottom where you can see the pathway up becomes very narrow – the second is half way up and the third is at the top – I was a bit winded and it was more difficult then I expected – most turn around and don’t make it to the top