Disaster iN COLumBus

tornadoes in oklahoma, alabama and missouri. hundreds dead. Flooding all along the mississippi…Louisiana handed another RAW deal… and on this beautiful monday in Ohio, another implausible disaster….


no one will die, no one will have to live in shelters, or wait in line for potable water, BUT for Ohio State fans this latest disaster CERTAINLY hurts the most.

What do I think? Well, for starters, in 5 or 10 years or whenever the NCAA is finally reduced to the scrap and manure that it deserves to be, Tressel will be viewed as an innocent victim in the f*cked up system of college football, and college sports today. In any other aspect of society where people use their skills to make so much money, they would DEMAND their fair cut of the profits. To extrapolate the situation here, in the bluntest terms, Tressel was fired because some of his biggest star athletes, who came from poor backgrounds, sold memorabilia they earned themselves. Tressel covered it up, yes, but to protect his own players. Should a coach be held more accountable to the NCAA and compliance departments than to his own players? I think not, and you wouldnt expect that from a coach at ANY OTHER LEVEL. The bottom line is these athletes dont get paid, but make MILLIONS of dollars not only for their universities, but for TV networks and corporate sponsors. Problems similar to the OSU controversies of late will only increase in frequency until the clear hypocrisy in college sports is righted. When the time comes where the athletes who risk their lives to entertain us get the compensation they deserve, people will look back at the Tressel resignation (read: firing) and say “wow, that guy got screwed.”

Tressel was meant to be the OSU coach until he was in a wheelchair, hell, until he was in a hospital bed with an IV in his arm on the sideline beating the SH!T out of michigan for the 30th time. But thanks to the NCAA and Gordon Gee, and the idealistic, fantasy vision of college football, Tressel is unfairly disgraced and ripped from the legacy that was rightly his.

Something similar to… Alan Parsons Project

what’s up webner house. I know Dad will really enjoy this surprise early morning post. Anyways, I’m wrapping up the tail end of an all-nighter doing schoolwork and some painting. Recently I’ve come across I Robot by Alan Parsons Project and have really enjoyed listening to it while working. It’s an album that I’ve heard for the majority of my life, all the way back from the tape deck in Dad’s old brown Honda accord. Like most of The Beatles’ work, I can sing all the words to I Robot from memory without effort.
It was much to my pleasure to rediscover the narrative of a robot brought to life. I really dig the futuristic sound of the music (modern even by today’s standards) as well as the interspersing of vocals with longer more meditative instrumental sections. I know the album didnt come out in a vacuum and that there must be some similar work out there by other artists. Due to my disconnect from the 70s and its music, I cant really seem to find anything good myself. So, for whoever’s up to the challenge (and I’m sure Dad will have a few cooked up by early evening tonight) turn me on to some quality new music. ready set go

Where ya been?

Since Dad chastised myself and my older brother for our lack of contributions to the blog, I figured it was probably time to throw my few words into the twice-or-thrice-daily waterfall of posts by webnerbob – even though I expect to see it relegated to the 2nd page by tomorrow at the latest. Regardless, life is fleeting and so are blog posts so what the hell.

First of all, in response to Dad’s post about the draft. While I wouldve definitely liked the browns to draft a quality runningback like Beanie Wells (and I was really pulling for it), the Alex Mack pick pleases me the more I think about it. Getting a young powerful, BIG center is really a cant-miss proposition in the AFC North. Mack may take some time settling in, but I have confidence that he will soon be better than twilight Hank Fraley. Plus, there is no way Mack could be less athletic than Fraley, he was pretty obviously overweight and out of shape. I think the browns missed by not drafting a better RB earlier on, but I think both Robiskie and Massaquoi could be great pro receivers, like the inverse of Braylon Edwards. In sum, I think a lot more optimistically about the Browns when I imagine Joe Thomas, Eric Steinbach, and now Alex Mack lined up on the left side of the line. Plus, I think the players the browns acquired from the jets will end up being a much larger factor than most people currently think.

Anyways….what else is new….

I’m currently in the process of 3 final papers, a painting final project, a media studies final project, and then an exam when that time comes around. I take my father’s urging of me to write this post as a valid and excuse-worthy means of procrastination. Dad, if you arent exactly enamored with my report card this semester, blame it on the blog.

Otherwise, I’ve really been enjoying the current summer-worthy weather in Poughkeepsie, NY. It is especially complementary to a new hobby I’ve picked up — skateboarding. For my birthday I went to the mall and put together a custom board with the help of my skater friend Jon. I got a regular trick deck but big beefy, smooth, yellow longboard wheels. It took a while for me to get used to riding a skateboard ( and I have the scabs to prove it) but its like riding a bike, once you learn its easy to take it and run with it. I’m definitely still at a novice-level, though. I can skate around and get going pretty fast; my turning is definitely improving. I could work on my braking. Tricks, forget about that for a while. What I like most about skateboarding is just the feeling of gliding through the air with no effort. Surely, you have to kick the board to make it move, but once youre up on it and moving it feels great. Like the board is an extension of your body. I’m really looking forward to using my skateboard as a means of transportation when I come home to Ohio for the summer.

That seems like a suitable enough post for now. Whenever I next get sick of my schoolwork I’ll try to add more. Incidentally, I just added a new post chock full o’pics in my own blog: http://russellwebner.wordpress.com/

Until next time, MUCH LOVE.

Dulce Pinzon

These are an interesting series of pictures from Mexican photographer Dulce Pinzon. It shows immigrant workers in the US dressed in costumes of super heroes. I just thought they were really great — kind of an expose of who the real superheroes are in our modern world? Then again, Pinzon decides to include how much money the ‘super heroes’ send home to their families in Mexico. So, through one lens they work and sacrifice for their family, on the other they undermine the American economy with a steady outflow of money. Oh, and the pictures are really great, too. The wonder woman one especially.



Just to Keep Dad from Monopolizing the Entire Blog

What up fam? Just posting this so ‘webnerbob’ is no longer plastered over the entire page. An update….

School’s been going well. The weather is getting slightly better, but everything is so muddy. All the snow on the ground is of the gray, dirty variety. This combination — of the mucky ground and these stalwart stranded icebergs in the middle of the mud — isnt really pleasing. February likes to tease people in Poughkeepsie. A couple of weeks ago we had a day in the 60s, it was so nice. Since then, though, its been consistently in the 30s. I like to keep my head up, though. Knowing each day is increasingly better in terms of weather is really a valuable asset psychologically. First semester is always worse because as the days wear on you seem to be entering a weather cave of snow, ice, wind and general coldness, nay frigidness. When I applied to Vassar I was specifically looking for a school with seasonal changes. Unfortunately, I assumed winters in Columbus were par for the course, so to speak. The Northeast, though, bitch-slaps the Midwest in terms of winters. As I see these few remaining ice bastions of winter slowly melt away, however, I can begin to look forward to days of wearing shorts, leaving the jacket in the closet. Say hello to Mr Sun for me!



This is a picture of the paintings I displayed at an event called “Modfest” a couple weeks ago at Vassar. It was meant to present students’ creative works to Vassar as well as the Poughkeepsie Community. I showed four paintings, not knowing most other art majors were only showing one or two. Regardless, it was a great chance to show my work and the crowds were very receptive. One woman even offered to buy one of my paintings before the show even started.