That Wonderful Start-Of-A-Three-Day-Weekend Feeling

Today the French Wrestling Fan and I went to lunch at Milestone 229, a restaurant on the Scioto Mile.  We ate outside on a beautiful day, with a prime view of the cool outdoor fountains located next to the restaurant.

While we sat there a young girl took her shoes off and ran out to the fountain area.  She had a ball walking barefoot through the water, scuffling her feet and sending sprays of water into the air.  Her innocent fun captured the kind of giddy, fabulous feeling we all get on the cusp of a three-day summer weekend.  

It was all I could do to resist taking off my shoes and walking through the water, too.  We might need to do some barefooting this weekend, however.

A Fine Friday Afternoon Thought

IMG_3433We’ve been working — OK, technically, Kish has been working — on cleaning out our overstuffed basement.  The process uncovered some of Russell’s wall paintings dating back to his high school days.

This particular piece seems well-suited to developing positive thoughts on a Friday afternoon, after a long week of work.