Serve Him Well, Faithful Steed

Speaking of Richard, he needs a car in Columbia, so our black Acura sedan has now been relocated to Missouri.  I hope that it serves him as faithfully and reliably as it has served us since we bought it almost 10 years ago.

Your car is like mayonnaise — you either love it, or you hate it, and there is no middle ground.  I hate mayonnaise, but I loved the Black Ack.  I loved its graceful lines and comfortable interior, its simple dashboard and its easy to reach knobs and buttons.  I loved its easy handling, its quick burst of acceleration, and its good gas mileage.  And most of all I loved its reliability.  It had a few dings and dents, but when we turned it over to Richard it had 175,000 miles on it and was still going strong.

I drove that car pretty much every day for years, wrote about it in good times and bad, and got to know it like you get to know an old friend.  I’ll miss not seeing it in the driveway, but I’m glad that Richard is inheriting it — because I know he loves that car, too.  When you pass along an heirloom, you want to make sure that the recipient cares about it as much as you do.

150,000 Miles

Yesterday as I was driving to Cincinnati my car passed 150,000 miles.  It is a milestone worth noting.

My car is a black 2003 Acura sedan, and its condition reflects the mileage.  After all, 150,000 miles is a bit more than 3.5 circumnavigations of the Earth.  The side doors are pitted and pockmarked, the inevitable result of countless dings suffered from parking in tightly packed garages.  The windshield has a chip or two, and the hood has uncomplainingly borne the indignity of innumerable bird droppings and scratches of unknown origin.  Yet still the car sits in the driveway — battered, yet triumphant and ready to serve, having survived to roll on and on where many of its fellow graduates of the class of 2003 have long since been consigned to the scrap heap.

The inside of the car feels as comfortable as an old shoe.  The seat and rear view mirror are positioned just where I want them.  I know every inch of the interior.  I love and trust this stalwart, dependable vehicle because I know it will faithfully take me where I need to go (and with pretty good gas mileage, too).  I want our mutual journey to continue.  My next goal is 238,857 miles, which is the average distance from the Earth to the Moon.