An Odd Airport Ad

Normally I pay little attention to the ads on the walls of airport terminals.  On Tuesday, however, an ad in the Philadelphia airport stopped me in my tracks.

It was for LA Boxing Gym, and it featured a guy readying the hands of a trim blonde woman for some boxing.  She’s giving him a curious look.  The text says:  “Do your customers look this good?  They would if you owned an LA Boxing Gym.”

Needless to say, this ad raised some questions.

Is it supposed to appeal to men who want to meet attractive women, don’t know how to do so, and have enough money to invest in starting up a franchise boxing operation to do so?  If so, that seems like a pretty small target population to me.  And are there really legions of attractive female boxers out there, looking for a gym?  Most male boxers aren’t exactly paragons of classical Greek beauty — getting punched repeatedly in the face will do that for you — so how many gorgeous female boxers can there be?  If you were a wealthy but lonely guy who wanted to start a business that would help you meet fit young women, wouldn’t you open a yoga clinic or pilates studio?

And if you were a female boxer looking for a gym, would this ad make you want to go to an LA Boxing Gym?  Do female boxers want a real trainer at a real gym, or some desperate guy who started a business just so he could try to hang out with attractive women customers?  Or, do most women boxers secretly hope to attract the romantic attention of their trainers?

And finally, why the Philadelphia airport?  I’ve never seen this ad anywhere else.  Is it some kind of special mecca for potential boxing gym owners?  I guess Rocky Balboa would be proud.