Celebrities Are Sons And Daughters, Too

I was saddened to read of the death of Amy Winehouse.

Winehouse was a talented singer with a distinctive voice and a larger-than-life persona that included a larger-than-life beehive hairdo, tattoos, and heavy makeup.  Her best album, Back to Black, combined her fine vocal stylings with a retro lounge feel and included the great song Love Is A Losing Game.  Winehouse struggled with drinking and drug addiction problems.  Officially, the cause of her death is unexplained, pending an autopsy, although acquaintances are being quoted as saying she was on a binge.

On these sad occasions, my heart aches for the family of the deceased.  We tend to think of famous people as iconic figures who exist solely for our amusement and entertainment, without remembering that they are people like anyone else, with families who love them and have tried to help them when they struggle with their inner demons.  Winehouse’s parents didn’t look upon her as some famous singer, they saw her as their daughter and someone who brought joy to their lives.  I cannot imagine the pain they are experiencing as they attempt to deal with a gaping void in their lives.  I hope the media respects their privacy as they deal with their profound loss.