Keeping Things In Perspective


Chelsea Handler adjusted.jpg

I just finished the third of three books written by Chelsea Handler who is a stand up comedian. All of her books were hiliarious and I enjoyed them all.

Her first book titled My Horizontal Life was my favorite. The book consisted of a collection of stories about her one night stands and there was one particular story about her underwear that made me laugh out loud.

She has also written two other books, one titled Are You There Vodka ? Its Me Chelsea that features stories about her drinking and partying and her last book Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang which was released earlier this year details her up bringing by her Mormon mother and her Jewish father.

Chelsea also has a television show that airs on the Entertainment Network at 11 p.m and 12 p.m each week nite, usually the 12 p.m. show is a rerun. I am a big fan of her show and look forward to it each night.

Her show consists of a brief monologue and then a roundtable where she discusses current events with three other comedians. The roundtable is my favorite part of the show and you can check out a couple of clips below.

In a time when almost everything in our daily life seems to be stressing us out a show like this one that makes me laugh helps me keep things in perspective. Life is Good.