The Dog Years Apparently Have Been Hard

Thanks to everyone for their expressions of concern about Penny.

We learned today that she has advanced arthritis in one leg.  The Vet was surprised, because Penny is only six years old.  Using the familiar dog-years-to-human-years equivalence ratio, she’s about 45 years old — and how many people of that age are dealing with arthritis?

Fortunately for Penny, The Vet assures us that the condition is manageable with medication and a reduced exercise regimen.  This means that Penny will never again take a morning walk around the Yantis Loop.  I’m sure it will be an enormous struggle for her to stay home with Kish rather than hoofing it a few miles before the sun comes up, but I’m confident that eventually Penny will able to deal with that loss.

In the meantime, Penny has shown a sudden and curious interest in going to Early Bird specials at local restaurants, getting a bluing rinse the next time she goes in for a grooming, and driving 25 miles per hour in a 65 m.p.h. zone.